WARNING: Door To Door Sales legal Issues

Door to door sales and the legal issues are a major concern for generally new sales reps who probably get a lot of heat out in the field. They probably are pay attention to a lot of negativity. The most common question I hear “Is door to door sales illegal?” or “Is soliciting illegal?”. I understand how maybe someone new to this business might think it is against the law. To answer this first we should thank the Johovah Witnesses for taking this issue all the way to the supreme court since various towns tried to impose regulation to make it difficult for people going door to door. The Justices upheld our right to solicit based on the first amendment which is “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” There is some provision that we should all know the first is know that solicitor cannot just knock on doors at any time. The earliest you can visit home is 9:00 am until the latest is 9:00 pm.

Door to door legal issues

Local Cities and Ordinances

It is a great idea to check the towns and cities you plan on working in since they are all different. Some areas enforce permits and are really strict while some towns may have other priorities they focus their resources on. The towns that don’t enforce permits might have each individual homeowner decide what they will allow by enforcing a residence “No Soliciting” sign.
Strict towns generally will require to register with the City Hall and require the following:

  1. Live Scan
  2. Picture
  3. Registration Fees

While registering some towns may require

  1. Drivers License or other legal Identification Card
  2. Provide home address and cell phone number
  3. Disclose company if any you are representing
  4. Disclose any convictions of any criminal offenses whether felony or misdemenor
  5. Possession or proof of any license or permit
  6. Statement of the nature of business you will be conducting

This process to work in a town may seem like a big hassle but after you have completed registration it does help to improve your team confidence by having a sense of being legit with not a right to work without any problems

door to door legal issues

My “No Soliciting” Story

I understand that many companies try and coach ways to approach homes with “No Soliciting” signs but keep in mind some local towns legally enforce homeowners with these signs. I don’t endorse ignoring these signs but it does remind me of a time when we use to not pay attention to them
I remember a time when we were working out in a town in Southern California. Another rep and I were leapfrogging and knocking this block. We were experiencing low contact and my partner came across a home that had a “No Soliciting” sign.
My patner was a veteran sales rep and had door knocked for years but he was new to our team and new to California. He had knocked across the country but he was originally from Alabama. He had that deep drawed out southern accent. His sounded a little like the comedian Jeff Foxworthy. He called me over and asked me if we knocked those homes in California. I told him it was completely up to you and since we had not had to much contact he decided to knock the door.
He knocked the door and a tall white man answered the door looking a little iratated and said “what do you want”
My partner started to get into his pitch when the prospect cut him off imediately and pointed to the sign and shouted out ” Did you see that” “Can’t you read”
My partner with his southern Jeff Foxworthy accent answered “Well sir, I figured….if you bought some stupid st like that” with accent sounding real drawn out “You would end up buying some stupid st from me”
The guy giggled a little and just closed the door. When we got away from the home I just couldn’t stop laughing and only someone with a southern accent like his would have been able to pull that off. The best part of this story was while we were still working the block we were coming back to that same home but this time the resident was outside and of course we were friendly and waved to him but he called my partner over and asked what were we selling? With that buying question you can pretty much tell how the conversation ended.
I would not recommend doing that with any home that has a “No Soliciting” sign. I think only his accent and his personality would have been able to pull that off.

Conclusion: Door To Door Sales legal Issues

Again we should thank the Jehovah Witnesses for fighting the good fight to go door to door. As a reminder, The Supreme Court decided that we have the right to knock doors in the United States. Although you must follow the local laws and Ordinances. Each town and city is different and would require different thing or nothing at all. If a town requires you to register and you do complete their registration only help you and your team being legal with the town and it provides some credibility with the residents in that town.

How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact The Sales Industry?

Artificial Intelligence in the sales industry

Artificial Intelligence will impact the sales Industry along with the entire workforce. There are many questions about AI and I can understand why. There is a lot of uncertainty from many people. Some are predicting a lot of doom and gloom and we will all end up bowing down to our AI masters. Well others say there is nothning to worry about AI and it will be our greatest tool to help us out. I think that the more likely scenario would be AI will increase our productivity and help us be more efficient. If AI is looking like it is going down the doom and gloom path I would hope that these geniuses that are creating AI would include a kill switch our atleast easy access to pull the power cord.

How Has AI Impacted Us Now?

The biggest Impact has been the use of Chatbots. We all have interacted will chatbots in some form or another. If you have talked to SIRI or Cortana that is a Chatbot that uses NLP technology which is considered machine learning technology. NLP (Neuro-Language Program) is a program that gives the machine a list of options to respond and it responds with the best option. That is probably the easiest way to explain this complex algorithm.
Chatbots are widely used doing simple tasks in customer service roles by provide information, or directing people to the right departments when customers are in need of help.
The most intriguing role Chatbots have been involved in is when they interpret overwhelming amounts of data in seconds. Two industries that this has impacted the most is the medical and law field.
The medical field has been using Chatbots to diagnose patients. It reads a patient medical chart and millions of medical cases that have been documented and it provides a diagnosis. Which makes doctors and other medical personnel more efficient. This gives them more time to see more patients in need.
The law field has been impacted with Chatbots by using chatbots to go through billions of cases to provide a solution to any legal problems. They are able to help fill out legal documents. Eliminating these tasks has help lawyers tremendously.

AI Improvements

How Can AI Increase Productivity In Sales?

AI has produced some minor changes with CRM’s. AI embedded CRM’s has made data analysis more efficient. Let’s face it most sales reps didn’t get hired to analyze data and most likely part of the business they don’t enjoy. Lead data and prospect data getting analyzed by AI leads to more time working with prospects solidifying and closing sales. In essence, AI analyzes all your lead data and gives you a recommendation to which leads would be best to work. It will analyze your prospect data to give you a valued recommendation. Salesforce, ZOHO and many other CRM’s have already embedded AI to their platforms.
AI has already discovered customer personas that can determine which customers should be upsold or cross-sold which many sales reps either skip over or waste time by trying to upsell every customer. AI can give you the prediction or recommendation on what to base your pitch on. So getting as specific to each individual customer as close as the data allows.
AI has been a huge help in forecasting sales projections. By analyzing market trends and previous sales history AI can predict accurately your business which of course can help the management team apply resources more accurately. AI predictions minimize the risk of unseen issues that no human without guessing can imagine.


How Can You Optimize Your Sales Team?

Without data AI is worthless. So you need to capture accurate data. The ideal way would be to eliminate the human touch as much as possible. I know in the industry I was involved in would have been almost impossible. One thing you can do is have a system to capture each prospect’s disposition with a drop-down menu so the rep can put the option that fits best. This should be done in real time to record time frames. Ideally if making calls to prospects there are systems you can set up phones to that capture flawless data by recording the customer that are called whether they answer or not and the time each phone call takes. If you have an email outbound campaign you can set up templates. Capturing the data from email template will be able to tell which email template customers respond to.
You can do the same sort of thing for recruiting. If you or posting recruiting ads. Have each ad with a different number to call. You can a phone system record all incoming calls. You can determine which ad works best for each individual candidate. I will just reiterate but the main idea is to capture data that is untainted by human error so that AI can interpt to see paterns that we can’ t normally see. Each individual business is different so figure out innovative ways to capture data to improve your business.

AI Future

The future Is Near

  • Virtual Assistants – VA’s are currently used today with chatbots. Once more equipped to handle more complex functions they can and will be used to take inbound calls and inquiries from prospects. This area is rapidly growing with many websites using virtual assistants to handle minimal customer service duties. They are currently processing refunds and returns for businesses which have helped relieve cost for this dreadful part of the business.
  • Deep Learning Platforms – DLP’s are enabling AI to mimic the human brain by deciphering patterns, making complex decisions which one day can be helpful in determining customer needs. These are currently being used with large dataset makes it unfeasible for use now in the sales industry but will eventually progress in the future.
  • Biometrics – This is a really interesting field. Biometrics will allow people to interact with AI more naturally. This includes touching, imagining, and voice and body recognition. Which when this progresses you can only imagine the possibilities this will have for our industry and many other industries.
AI impacts the sales industry

In Conclusion: How Will AI Affect The Sales Industry?

As you have read AI is already making an impact in the sales industry. It also is looking like to have a greater impact in the future. One thing that AI is great at is figuring out patterns in data that we can not see. They are able to go through huge amounts of data which in turn help us become more efficient. If you are doing those mundane tasks it is probably a good idea to start increasing your skill set because those jobs will most likely be a thing of the past. What type of person is needed is those sales rep who can make use of the recommendations that AI gives out. In the people business nothing is ever perfect since humans are fallible but if you are able to improve productivity with this information shows you are capable of evolving your business to adapt with AI. AI is not going away and many businesses are implementing strategies around AI. Your capabilities to work with AI and your understanding of AI will determine your need in the workplace.
So stay current, stay relevant, and keep informed on new changes in your business.
So tell me has AI affected your business? How do you see AI affecting your business in the future?

How To Build A Superstar Comissioned Based Sales Team

How to build a commissioned based sales team

How to build a superstar commissioned based sales team is a question that if you strategically take on this challange. If you put in all your time and effort in other words be “all in” you have an opportunity to create something that you can be proud of and create an internal satisfaction just as in engineer or archietect feels after building a high rise skyscapper or an artist feels after finishing a painting.
This simple model I am about to share I learned from a Psycologist named Bruce Tuckman. This simple model is one of the quickest ways to help a new team become highly effective. This model has originally been broken down they 4 stages but later added the fifth stage Adjouning. This model can be better described as stages the team goes through from the beginning

No Ceiling Income

First off when discussing commissions should be discussed in a positive tone. Explaining the potential of income a rep can receive. Show sales reps what an average sales reps will be making. Help sales reps develop a budgeting plan where they will not be living paycheck to paycheck. Show them the training and support they can receive.



The Forming stage is the beginning stage where most team members have not shown their true colors. They tend to be polite and positive. Some can be a little nervous since they are unaware of exactly the work the will do. The stage you want to show your leadership abilities, play a dominant role and clearly explain each team members responsibilities and roles. You may have to sometimes drill this into your team until they are fully aware of what the must do while on your team. Depending on many things this stage can take time before entering the next stage. Once everyone is working as a team and they are bonding relationships is a sign that you are moving into the next stage.



When your team moves into this stage people feel a little more comfortable with everyone. They start testing the waters or the limits that were set in place during the previous stage. Team members can also test each other and possibly cause friction between each other. If not managed properly teams can fall apart at this stage. Just remember people work in different styles and they might not always complement each other. This can lead to frustration and friction between the team
During this stage team members can feel comfortable in their role they might even challenge your authority. Some may question the direction you are taking the team. Just stick to the clear objectives that you should have explained in the previous stage. Just be careful at this stage since there may be many problems and issues within the team but just keep in mind that is common during this stage.


Slowing as heated problems sizzle down you start to move into this stage. Team members start to get along and help each other out. The start to respect your leadership and the direction you are taking the team. This is about the time when your team has bought into your vision. They have made a stronger commitment. Teams start to excel at this stage. They are in a way, finding their groove.
Just be cautious because any changes or new job task can just throw your team back into the storming stage.



As your team reaches this stage it usually is the time when you feel some momentum and are seen small wins for your team. All the hard work you have done up until this time is starting to show with results. The team is acheiveing goals. At this stage it seems like your team is working on its own with very little help from you.
This is the time you want to start delegating tasks to team members and start using your time to develop your top reps. This a time of enjoyment when you have momentum. Your team is making money hitting goals and it almost seems like nothing can stop you.


This stage reminds me of the saying “The only thing that is consistent is change” This stage is when your team might go through restructuring maybe some promotions or maybe new opportunities. Whatever it is sales reps that are accustomed to a routine or reps that have established bonds with each other can have a rough time in this stage. They might view this time as uncertainty

Commission based sales team

Conclusion: How To Build A Commissioned Based Sales Team

At the end of it all you can use this method to build any type of sales teams but when focusing on developing a commissioned sales teams it is critical to get your sales reps to make sales and an income as quickly as possible. Since technically your sales rep can work for a long period of time without making any money. This could bad for moral and this can lead to a negative perception of your business by saying things like “They feel like they are working for free”


Forming– Direct the team and establish clear objectives both for the team as a whole and for Individual team members


Establish processes and structures

Build trust and good Relationships between team members

Resolve conflicts swiftly if they occur, provide support, especially to those team members who are less secure

Remain positive and firm in the face of challenges to your leadership or the team’s goals

Explain the “forming, storming, norming, and performing” ideas, so that people understand why problems are occurring, and so that they see that things will get better in the future. Coach team members in assertiveness and conflict resolution skills where this is necessary

Use psychometric indicators Myers-Briggs and Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile to help people team about different work styles and strengths.

Norming- Step back and help team members take responsibility for progress towards the goal. (This is a good time to arrange a team building event)

Performing- Delegate tasks and projects as far as you can. Once the team is achieving well, you should aim to have as tight a touch as possible. You will now be able to start focusing on other goals and areas of work.

Adjourning- Take the time to celebrate the team’s achievements – you may work with some of your people again and this will be much easier if people view past experiences positively.

Personal Sales Coach: Guaranteed To Be Worth Every Penny

Personal Sales Coach
I learned so much from these sales leaders!

What I am about to write here is a little more about my sales career and about my “Personal Sales Coach Services” that I provide can be a looked at as a biased opinion. Which I admit it is really hard to be negative about myself. What I can tell you is that I am going to lay out facts and testimonials from other people that I have helped in their journey within their sales career.
While writing this took me on a little journey down memory lane and made me remember how much I loved being out in the field.

Some Will Some Won’t So What What is Next?

If you have read my about me section titled “Who Is David? What is Perfect Training?” I wrote a brief condensed version Who is David? of what I am going to write about here.
In essence, I wanted to explain my sales experience here in more detail. Sales do have many avenues that you can set your career path on. Sales in general if sticking to the basic fundamental skills can be adapted and applied in each and ever “sub-industry”. As an example, a concept that can be applied in ever sub-industry is how people buy. Every customer from a customer in a clothing store to a customer that is buying a multi-million dollar apartment building is buying or decides to buy based on the emotional side of their brain. Now, of course, that doesn’t mean they haven’t logically figured out there budget but what pushed them over the edge and take action is coming from the emotional side of the brain. So that basic fundamental can be a blanket concept. So what I am trying to get at is that the skills I have learned can be used in almost every sub-industry of sales.Owner of Perfecttraining101.com

I originally started out my career in sales as a Real Estate Salesman. I received my Real Estate license in 2005. During this time let me put it in perspective my mindset. I thought at this time that I would never take a 100% commission job. When I set out in the Real Estate “sub-industry” I had in my mind that I was going to get a Real Estate Sales job with base and commission which I was nieve to think there was one out there.
This time is my sales career I was lucky to join a company that paid special attention to new agents. Which they provided a mentorship with seasoned sales agents. I learned some key techniques to help prospect from scratch and obtain new business
Being a rookie in sales and only learning the bare basics from my Real Estate principal class I was pretty much set up to fail. If it was n’t for the vision I had set and the relationships I had started to establish I might have just given up. At this time one of the most important things I learned is that if you were going to decide to quit pursuing your goals think of the big picture you are not just giving up now but you are giving up on all the hard work you have done while on your journey.doors

Being Humble Is The Way of the Walk

At this time I have been in Real Estate Sales for a little less than a year I had not sold any homes. I had a lot of people that seemed interested in purchasing homes but I felt like I was treated as a free source of live information. I was all too willing to answer any question which I still am. It makes me feel important to have people asking me for advice. So do get some satisfaction inside when I help people out. ( Which by the way is one of the reasons I have been effective in sales but at this time I didn’t know that this quality helped me out)
Although I enjoyed helping people I had to figure out how to turn these people that I just talked to into a client that is pursuing a Real Estate deal with me. At this point, I was just a conversationalist and not a salesman.

Laser Beam Focus

The lesson I learned was to turn people that just called me to ask questions into a more solid prospect was first to pre-qualify them and if qualified set up a face to face meeting. Every call I received with a person asking a Real Estate question I had an objective to close for the face to face appointment.
At this time home loans and refinance were popular so I decided to focus on doing real estate loans. I worked on a low budget but a professional marketing strategy that proved to be effective.
I finally started to close some loans and did get some home sales without any focus on that part of the business. Things were starting to look good until guess what? I was in one of the biggest financial bubbles in history. I was still a rookie and didn’t understand the how huge this was at the time but I rode it out even though it went from easy to make money to have to work double the amount of time. Most people that I worked with fell off but this gave me an opportunity to learn some fundamentals in sales and correctly work the process. At this stage of my career, I learned another important lesson and that is if you consistently do the right activities correctly it is impossible to get the wrong results. At this time in this sub-industry if you didn’t stick to the fundamentals and any errors you made impacted you twice as hard. So you either follow the sales process or you fail.
When the odds are against you and you have your back to the wall is something I found that I thrive in. I become just a little more creative and I tend to be motivated to work harder. I didn’t know at the time why this motivates me more but for me it is true “pressure can either form a diamond or it can turn you into dust.”

Most Self-Made Millionaires Say They Have Never Worked A Day In Their Life

I have the type of personality that is that I like when I am learning and growing is when I am most enthusiastic and motivated. I know that this is similar to most people who are just always excited to learn new concepts and ideas. I think people are similar to me and don’t like to be in a rut stuck and doing the same thing over and over again.
Most people that choose sales as their profession have this type of personality. I find that most millennials are like this but not for a similar reason. Millennials like to be more independent with new challenges although appreciate structure they do tend to push back on being micro-managed.
I have learned that is best to work in an environment that when you wake up and have to go to work you are not waking up saying “Awe damn another day another dollar” or something similar to that. You should wake up feeling enthusiastic and you can’t wait to face the day.

personal sales coach
While I was getting ready to hit the field. I was doing solar sales at this time

Although I loved working in Real Estate I felt that there were challenges and always be challenges but I wanted more I wanted to learn more about sales and different parts of the industry. While still dabbling in Real Estate I went to work for a nationwide marketing and sales company. This is where I went to the next level in sales.

Taking Sales To The Next Level

In my opinion, the best type of sales rep is the one that has no pre-conceived notion about how things should be and think that they are entitled to anything. They are not overall desperate but do whatever it takes as long as it morally correct. The best sales rep has a student mentality, doesn’t act like they know everything but has confidence in themselves
When I joined this company that is the mindset that I had. I started as an entry level sales rep. I knew that there was so much to learn when it came to sales. This company had an awesome training when it came to sales and leadership. The general manager that hired me into the company is maybe the most responsible for helping understand what the next level in sales was about. I learned from him and others within the company.
I learned quickly that I soon became one of the tops reps weekly and consistently. I was making one of the top incomes in my office. I was really happy since I worked hard, I was learning and overcoming challenges daily.

I am not trying to brag about myself but just bring to light my accomplishments. There was so much for me to learn and I was given the opportunity to learn even more about the industry. I was promoted to a general sales manager after 6 months from when I started with the company. My regional manager and director later told me after they promoted me that I was considered a risky promotion since I did well at sales but I had never recruited or develop anyone in the company.

At the time I knew I needed to work on recruiting and that is what I did. I went on a super crazy hiring spree where I interviewed 100s of recruits. I read books and listened to CDs about hiring the right sales reps. I had to learn quick or my entire career in sales would fall. With trial and error, I ended up becoming one of the best recruiters in the company. That is what I actually become known for throughout the time I was in this company. I was known as one of the top recruiters.

Awesome Sales Leaders

After 18 months of working hard never taking any time off going through peaks and valleys as normally the way sales can go, I was promoted to Regional Sales Manager. I felt a lot of hard work had paid off. I started reaping many rewards for consistent hard work. One lesson to learn from my journey so far is consistent hard work offers many benefits and huge rewards. In sales, for consistently doing the right things over and over again it is impossible to get the wrong results. The right things compound on top of each other which in turn provides huge benefits.

At the end of my tenure with this company, I worked my way up to a Regional Sales Manager managing teams across the West Coast in cities in the North West to Northen California down to Southern California and in Las Vegas.
I have since then moved on to open my own business and on occasion do some consulting/ contraction work with this company that I was fortunate to work for.

In Conclusion: Personal Sales Coach by Dave

I have set up these services to offer those that may benefit from the knowledge that I have gained. Read over my story and if you are in the same type of sales environment then I most likely can help you. All sales industries I can help. People looking for help in leadership or managing sales reps I am the one to help. I usually set up face to face interviews before I decide to work with someone. I do not work with just anyone. After a face to face interview and I gain more insight into your goals and what you are trying to accomplish I can assess if I will work with you or not. Contact me here for additional help or comment below.

Contact Me

How To Take Your Sales Team Performance From The Bottom To The Top

Sales team performance I strongly believe rises and falls on the leaders and managers of the sales organization. Like the saying says “The Kingdom” takes on the characteristics of the king. So you as a leader must lead by example in the workplace and outside the workplace. You need to set in stone clearly defined objectives and goals. In essence, you must set a strong foundation. If you have a shaky foundation it might not get noticed for a long time but when it does what you eventually build will all come crashing down.Teams Sales Performance

Creating a Winning Culture

When you begin hiring a sales team you must develop a culture that you can be proud of. Where there are processes in place but the sales reps are treated with respect and they get the sense that you care. If you show reps that you care more about them and their well being they will be more inclined to stay with you and the company for a long time. If you can create a culture where your sales reps feel like they are a part of a team working together but every individual’s concern matters, that will bring a solid team working together that can accomplish many challenges.
When it comes to accountability makes sure you express to your sales team that you pushing them to hit sales targets is for their benefit and they are not just a number making money for the company.
A winning culture has sales reps thinking as they are students to the sales craft and they are always learning to improve their skills. Self-education is one of the most effective ways to improve sales and therefore increase reps income.

Sell To Stay Alive, and Recruit To Retire

When I was a sales manager that was directly over the sales team in the company hierarchy I would be out with my team in the field selling right by there side. Now I will get into this a little bit later but you should have a mindset of selling to make today’s money and always recruiting for future money. This might be the same for you or at least similar but when I was a sales manager and I ran a 100% commission sales team. My income depended on my sales teams production and my personal sales. For me, this worked out extremely well now that I see the big picture. Don’t get me wrong during this time I had thought I should have got paid more and shouldn’t have to get sales for an increase in income. Now I see the byproduct of this commission structure. It pushed me to work out in the field with my team and also push me to recruit all the time. In essence, the bigger team I had would lead to more sales, therefore, increasing my income.
This whole concept influenced me to do the right activities without having my immediate supervisors above me micro-managing me. Which empowered me to lead my team the way I thought was the best. This made me take ownership of my team so when the team was winning out in the field I was winning and of course, if they encountered tough issues I did also.

Attracting Top Notch Sales Reps

On the surface level, most people seeking employment are generally looking for the highest compensation structures. If you are a new company or just don’t have a budget to be the highest compensation in your specific sales industry how can you still attract high caliber sales reps. First and foremost in my strong opinion, it is always best to recruit and hire people that are first-time job seekers since they don’t have any preconceived notions about sales. Seasoned or Veteran Sales reps can sometimes have an attitude like they know everything or someone who has never been in sales but has worked various jobs may have a negative perception about sales. Not to say those people will not work but like they say “it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks” because they might be stuck in their ways.
If you do decide to hire seasoned recruits a good idea is to make sure that they have a student mindset and they are willing to submit to adapt and learn your sales culture that you established.
What these type of people are generally looking for is a company they have a good reputation in the industry. That might consist of what do those in the industry say about your company, how do your clients perceive your company, or maybe what do previous employees say about their tenure while working with your organization.
What you can do is approach this head on and get in front of every recruit as soon as possible. So they hear anything about your organization it comes from you or whatever they have previously heard you can endorse or discredit it.
To attract top-notch recruits your culture must show recruits that you promote the idea of everyone is helping each other to become successful by teaching training and providing a platform to address issues or concerns.

Leading From The Front

I did mention this a little bit earlier but I do believe if you are the sales manager that the direct leader over the sales team you must be leading by example. You must show you are in the trenches with them. This concept helps out in so many ways. When your reps see you working out in the field with them it gives them a sense of belonging to a team and respect for you the leader. You being in the field eliminates many excuses from the poor performing reps because you are out there experiencing everything they are experiencing. If you can do it so that leaves little excuse to why they shouldn’t be able to do it.
There are 2 of my favorite leaders in history that lead from the front and were highly respected. We can learn a thing or 2 from them The first was was Julius Ceasar who fought right alongside his military. What he would do was wear a red cape in battle so he would stand out while he was fighting. He led a military consisting of hundreds of thousandths of soldiers and each soldier seen him in battle fighting which was extremely beneficial for moral. So we can learn from Julius Ceasar and make sure your team sees you out in the field leading from the front. You don’t need a red cape but you can still stand out in front of your reps.
The second leader we can learn from was my favorite General George S. Patton who was always leading his people from the front. He was so far in front he got shot in the leg during WWI. He was a true 360-degree leader since those that followed him loved him and would do anything for him. General Patton’s’ leadership above him respected him so much the appointed him to help plan out the French African Invasion during WWII. He wrote the Army doctrine for militarized armored vehicles or tanks. The upper leadership trusted his decision making.
Everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect even Patton made a public blunder while visiting a military hospital he slapped a soldier that was in the hospital getting treated for shell shock or today we might call it PTSD. Not only did Patton hit him but he ordered him to the front of the battle line.
The public heard of this and had got really upset that Patton did this. They were calling for his resignation but he was admired by his leadership and the people he led. So that would never happen.
So Patton leading from the front help him become a respected powerful man in the Military. Leading from the front helped him move up the ranks quickly from working border patrol duty defending against Pancho Villas raids to eventually leading the 3rd Army during WWII which consisted of 6 corp and 42 divisions.

Developing Leaders Around You

It is always best to have new leaders training and getting ready for the opportunity to call on them. Developing leaders and making sure they are ready for the next step. Having a mentor program by having your future leaders develop their leadership skills by reading success and leadership books. Getting them involved in seminars based on leadership or anything related to your specific industry. If you are the sales manager and you are looking to move up within your company. This is a great practice and to be known as a person who develops up and coming leaders is a great way to accelerate your position up in the company.

Conclusion: Taking Your Sales Performance From The Bottom To The Top

In conclusion, there are many ways to score a touchdown in a football game. Meaning there are many ways to lead your team to success. You as a leader must find what works best for you and your team. Some of these best practices I have provided have helped myself and others establish and maintain top performing sales teams. Remember a smart person will learn from their own experiences but a wise person will learn from other people experiences. What best practices have you used to improve your sales team performance?


Top Down Selling Is the Key to Selling Correctly

Top down selling is an interesting topic as I read across the net. I come to find out my idea of top-down selling is in some ways different than what most people have written. My idea of top-down selling is more like a negotiating tactic or method. This is a method that helps the buyer feel good about making their buying decision. Since you give them the reins to customized the product with your guidance. In essence, this forces you to become an expert in your product and an expert in your pricing and promotions. This method also helps you become an expert in sales fundamentals. Such as negotiating tactics, reading and communicating with customers, and closing techniques. Let me explaintop down selling

1. Selling From The Top

So after you get through your introduction to who are you? and why are you there? and it is about that time you are about to give your valued recommendation. Your valued recommendation should never start with the price. Never ever sell on price. If you gain a customer on the price you will lose a customer on price. This is so true. Anytime I have seen a customer that was won over based on price was also lost on price when they contacted the competition and simply asked “can you beat this price?” A mentor of mine used to always say keep your hand out of your customers’ pockets. What is expensive to you may not be expensive to someone else. Expensive is a relative concept.
In top-down selling, it is ideal to start with your most extravagant luxurious item. The item with all the bells and whistles. The service that comes with all warranties and support that may last a lifetime. The customer may like all the bells and whistle when you mention it. They might see a whole lot of value once you explain it. Since you are the expert you can make almost anyone get excited about the products you offer.
You being the expert should know this but customers get excited when you are talking about the things they enjoy and not only what you like. Remember this is not about you this is always about the customer. Customers get excited when you are discussing how your product benefits them. Think of WIIFM pronounced whiff-em. WIIFM stands for What Is In It For Me. Act like the customer is silently telling you this everytime you mention a feature.

2. Navigating Your Recommendation

After you enthusiastically explain your most extravagant product, you explain the price and the customers’ excitement comes down because they figure out that all add-ons you gave them might be a little more than they need. Instead of the customer coming down on a hard crash you can ease the customer with a less extravagant product of yours.
This customer interaction becomes more of a negotiation or haggle. Similar to like if you were in your local flea market, and haggling with the vendors. Step by step ease your way down to where your customer feels as if they are getting more value with a price they seem comfortable with. It is a good idea while in this state of the negotiation process to give them a promotion or two.
Feel your customer out. Pay attention to their words, the tone in their speech, their facial expressions and most important pay attention to their body language. If a customer’s eyes light up most likely they like what you are saying and it interests them. If they look bored or even tired then most likely you are not creating enough excitement.
When listening to the words your customer speaks and they are copying or using the same words you are using most likely they are engaged in the conversation. If they are mentioning other things besides the general subject you are talking about then most likely they might not be too interested in what you are saying. Reading customers is a great topic we can write an entire article on that I will get into in the future.happy

3. An Expert Negotiator Is a Happy Customers

When interacting with customers you should always be making them feel special. Compliment them but do not sound fake or not genuine because customers can read fake salespeople miles away. It is obvious why you want your customer to feel happy.
Our reason for people to be happy is that people buy with emotions and if you get a customer excited and happy when you are negotiating with them they will be more inclined to buy from you. After the entire haggle process you and the customer worked hard on a suitable agreement. You conformed the product around what your customer considers the best value for the cost. Your customer should feel happy as if they worked from a high priced deal to something they feel is a great deal they worked for. They might feel a little boastful and you should let them. They might brag to their friends how they are an expert negotiator that just worked out the best deal possible. If it makes them happy just let them brag. You should understand being humble is the key to your victory in the end. The customer should have the perception that they negotiated a deal that if it wasn’t for you they could have not got a better deal. This will, in turn, make it more solid and help from the customer feeling buyer remorse.keys

4. Why is Top Down Selling The Key To Selling Correctly

After all, is said and done if you are using this tactic correctly means that you have come over the rookie mistake of selling based on price. You are not afraid to lead with the highest priced product you can offer. You are able to navigate the sales process by listening to your buyers’ words and body language. You are able to get your customer excited about the products you offer. You spend quality time with the customer understanding their needs building a relationship and making a solid sale that will be less likely to cancel and more likely to stick with you for a long time.

5. Top-Down Selling: My final thoughts

Top-down selling is just one key method that can help you improve your sales performance and hopefully give you an income raise. With that said there are many techniques, tactics, and methods. If this method resonates with you all you need to do is practice it role play with others doing real case scenarios. You should be effective if you practice it.
Just remember there are many techniques and I would suggest that you have a few techniques and a few closes in your arsenal because when working with people you have to expect the unexpected. There are always different challenges and nothing is ever the same. The only thing consistent in sales is change.

So have you been successful using the top-down selling method? Or what method have you used that help you in your sales career?

The Scary Truth About Face To Face Sales

The scary truth about face to face sales is that it is probably, in my opinion, the most effective was to turn a cold call into a long-lasting lifetime customer. With that fact in mind, if a sales agent had the option to choose this method or do something with the least impact to the business, most sales agents would not choose to do face to faces sales. That is scary. Generally, some reps can be intimidated, some might feel there are better options or some might just don’t want to deal with all the rejection.face to face sales

Whatever the case may be if your budget on leads is low and referral leads are dry this might be the most productive activity your sales team can do. To have your team get over those fear factors they must gain confidence and here is some knowledge about outside face to face sales to improve confidence.

Positive Mental Attitude: Fake it until you make it

If you have a positive mental attitude with some enthusiasm when you do anything in life you will be more likely to accomplish what you are set out to do. This is one key factor, believe it or not, you have the most control over. If you feel like outside circumstances determine your attitude you are completely wrong. No one has the power to control attitude unless you give them that power.

Brian Tracy says you should give yourself positive affirmation before every sale call telling yourself “I like myself” I like myself” This will help you feel a good about yourself, therefore, more inclined to close the sales call. If you have a positive attitude this will, in fact, stand out and it makes most people want to be around you. Most people want to feel happy and hope you rub off on them but little most people know is this power is within all of us.think positive

If you are not accustomed to this it does take some time to learn how to keep a positive mental attitude so, in the beginning, you might just have to fake it to you make it. If you feel like you do have a bad attitude just keep telling yourself “I feel good” I feel great” over and over and eventually you will feel good about yourself.

Always Be Selling

If you are working in a community or business area you should always remain professional whether you are with your customers or not. Since everyone around the area or community has the potential to be a customer or possibly have influenced your sale. You should be courteous and respectful to your community and surroundings. There have been many times walking by various pedestrians in the street turning out to be customers because before I knew they were on my lead list I was polite and asked how their day was. Since I was polite and friendly they were more receptive and listened to my introduction. Even if the pedestrians you encounter are not on your leads you can possibly make them a customer if circumstances permit.script

Pre- Planned Script

There are various reasons for having a pre-planned script. You will get those new guys that will occasionally say they want to “freestyle” or just wing it. Which most veterans will know this is a horrible idea. I generally have used this time to prove how a preplanned sales script is absolutely necessary. I sometimes would let the new guy try his luck by winging it. At the end the new guy would end up just reinforcing the idea of having a pre-planned sales script is vital.
Have a preplanned script memorized keeps you on track from distractions or obstacles that might interfere with your sales flow. You never know what unseen distraction that may arise. A lot of times the distraction can be your customer where they interrupt you and you lose your place or train of thought. With a preplanned script, you can easily jump right back to where you stopped it with no issue.
A huge benefit is sounding professional and not getting stuck on a customer objection.
Preplanned script should contain an introduction that is quick to the point, a set of qualifying questions which should help you determine if they are a legit buying customer and what features your product can benefit the customers needs; a presentation which is you presenting your product conforming around the customer needs, and last;y your script should contain a close.
a. Introduction: Greeting; Who are you? Why are you there?
b. Qualifying questions: Are the person you are talking to the decision maker? What is their current service provider? How can your product be useful to them?
c. Presentation: presenting the features that benefit your customers needs
d. Close: having a few closing techniques in your arsenal should always be well rehearsed and ready to be used in real life scenarios.business dress

Dress To Impress or Dress As The Position You Want To Be

As a rule of thumb, you should dress as the position you want to be. For example, if you are a sales rep and you want to be a sales manager then you should be dressing as a sales manager. No matter what you should always look professional clean and pressed attire. You should never have anyone one on your team wearing jeans. Khaki or slack material is always best. You should stay away from loud bright colored clothes unless your brand requires it.
Many people have tattoos now at days but it is best to have them covered up. It might be trending or an okay thing but you never know when you might have a senior conservative customer that would look down on tattoos. If a customer has a strong stance against people with tattoos it is most likely they will not conduct any business with you.
Most people are extremely judgemental so make sure you dress casually professional and plain so you can fit in any environment you might encounter

Power In Dialogue

The words you speak are free but can cost you in the long run. First and foremost you should always communicate in a positive tone. Even when discussing your competitor you should talk about them in a positive way. Since maybe your customer might be using your competitor or maybe once has used them and you decide to put down your competitor. You are in essence putting down your customer.
Do you know what is most powerful word while communicating to an individual or group is? Before I just give you the answer let me explain. People listen in various ways but generally, there are 4 types of listeners
1. The disengaged listener: These people have no interest in anything. No matter what you say there will be nothing that will gain their interest.
2. People focused listener: These people get interested when hearing about your experiences. What things have you been through? They tend to listen more often when they hear the word “I”. For Example ” I went to the baseball game last night” ” I saw Mike Trout hit a home run”
3. Self-focused listener: These listeners have their interest sparked when talking about things that affect them. Only things that have an immediate impact on their lives they will only focus on. They like to hear the word “you” For Example “You will get better parking if you head to the baseball game early”
4. Idea focused listener: You can spark an idea focused listener when you speak about ideas. They are interested in the creative aspect of ideas. They want to understand the effects of ideas on the world. They love to hear the word “We” Example “We understand that if we do a good job today, we can expect our team to win the competition”

The most powerful word in communicating is “You”. You will engage with most types of listeners when you use the word “You”. Make sure you apply “You” in all your dialogue.
When discussing time in a dialogue always talk in a present tense. Use the words like “today” and “Now” to encourage an organic sense of urgency. Speaking quick and straight to the point will also encourage urgency. Just keep in mind never to discount clarity to speak fast. Clarity is more important than speaking fast but you do want to speak quickly since it can be perceived to be important and urgent.powerfu;l words

Conclusion: Face to face Sales

Face to face sales when done properly can be the most effective ways to obtain new customers. Ideally, the best way to get feedback on your product. Depending on which product you are selling this can be the best way to see your product in action with real customers.
This is the most cost-effective way to establish any start-up business and gain a foothold in your marketplace. It takes a lot of practice, you need to have confidence and not be afraid of direct rejection but can take your business to a higher level. What have you done to take your business to a higher level?

The Key To A Successful Sales Management Process

If you are a business owner or a sales employee who ensures that your sales team determines his or her numbers or reaches sales quotas, I feel your pain. If you are like many sales managers and owners I work with, write reports, and also you have many various personalities to deal with in your team, and each of them has different levels of skill, motivation, etc.

The Key to a Successful sales management process

It may sound like overwhelming work.

Add to that that you probably never had training or reinforcement in the sales management and that the sales training you would have to give to your team is probably not very developed. I see you nod and think: “Yes, you’re right, what now?”
Well, here’s what. The sales management process is simple and easy if you split it into the three most important elements. If you focus on these three keys and prioritize their implementation, your work will be much more comfortable and, most importantly, you and your team will close more companies and create their number.

Here’s what they are:

1. Determine the best practices of your sales process. Provide your team with clear and easy-to-follow practices regarding sales techniques and skills required for your specific sales. Give them specific scripts and rebuttal combinations to follow, specific qualification questions, appropriate exit tools, and make sure they are not ambiguous.
In other words, identify what works in your sales cycle and what the best approach is, then develop them into a robust sales system and tell the company policy that this is the best way to manage every part of your sales process from the first phone call. , to qualify you, to leave voicemails and e-mails, to contact your prospects, to close the sale and to deal with objections.
You have to make this sales system absolutely clear enough for everyone to understand and follow it. Once you have that, then:

2. Implement and follow the use of your best practice system. Think of an excellent football team. What are they doing? Coaches offer the best game plan (the system), teach it to their players and practice every training, game, and technique. They go through it again and again and watch a video of every training and every game to make sure that their players follow the plan and use the best technique.
And that is what you should do with your sales team. Once you have provided the best practices to your team, it is up to you to train them and strengthen their membership. You do this by observing your representatives by phone, with their prospects and their customers. You take and monitor interviews with them and ensure that they follow the best practices. If you do this, make sure your team members use the best practices that you know are effective, they will improve and sell more.writimg sales script

3. The discipline of your team members when they do not follow your best-selling practices. First, let me say a word about the discipline. Discipline comes from the Greek word for ‘teaching,’ not ‘cursing or inciting others to feel bad.’ The right role for a teacher, coach or sales manager is to let students and salespeople know that they do not follow the proven tools to succeed and then help or “learn” them. To do better. And that is where your skills as a manager (and your time) are most active.
You can do this in your contact with a sales representative and at sales meetings where you can read representative records that do this correctly, and you can do this by sending rules to a representative while he is online. Over the phone or through instant messaging while you listen, etc. What matters is that you give your team the right tools to succeed, manage them to implement them, then follow them and teach them how to use.
If you implement the above three keys in your sales environment, you get the fastest and easiest return on your time and investment. If you miss one of these keys, you will spend your time wondering what’s wrong and your frustration about the team, your business, and your efforts will only get worse.
Check your current sales environment and see which of these keys is missing. Once you’ve found it, you know what to do next!teaching

4. Knowledge of the market
In this context, market information is information about construction projects that are tailored to your market in a specific geographic area. It is essential that every company develops a process to collect, focus and develop this type of information. This happens in the hope that a company can discover projects that are still in their infancy to determine profit areas. During the collection of this information it is important to discover:
• Details of important contacts and decision-makers who manage these projects.
• Potential work providers in your area who can manage projects of potential interest on a regular basis.

5. Normal time to develop numbers
The most important point to emphasize about them is that a long-term plan is essential to ensure a sustainable and continuous approach to marketing. However, one day a week is often enough to handle these runs and this day can often be divided into blocks of half a day at a time, thereby exploiting their potential. For this plan to work, the relevant marketer must have confidence in cold calling and developing relationships, mainly through the use of the telephone as the primary selling tool.
Below are typical figures about the volumes of prospects that can be processed and the results achieved with the above strategy:
• Up to 25 separate contacts/companies per day.
• About 10-12 + new letters / e-mails per day.
• About 8 to 10 new prospects, more than 15 memories.
• A maximum of 150 projects/contracts under development at any time.
• Generally a strong new connection every 6 to 7 weeks.
• Generally, 3-5 targeted offers per month.
• Agreements agreed between 1 and 2.
Although these figures are in themselves impressive for what amounts to a day’s work, it is also important to remember that these compounds are growing and each has huge potential in the long term.

6. Executive support
It is important that the directors of your company, your leaders, support the sales and marketing sector of the company. One of the ideal ways to do this is to ensure that they are flexible in the time allocated to appointments with potential customers. However, it is very important to have in mind that these people can not avoid doing everything in their power. Therefore, to maximize their time, appointments must be interesting for your business. To do this, nominations must generally meet the following two criteria:

• There is a specific project to discuss.
• The company you meet regularly manages work of the type of your choice.

7. Stimulate sales throughout society
In a company, it is important to remember that the sales and marketing sector is the only source of new opportunities for a company. The opposite is true because every member of a company can in principle meet new prospects and interesting projects through the local press, gossip or local knowledge, business contacts and personal networks.
These projects are often very useful because they are based on personal relationships with employees of your company. That said, a system must be put in place to encourage and reward such contributions. If this system is well managed, it may be possible to maximize the company’s reach at minimal cost to the company.management

Importance Of Sales Management Process

To solve the productivity problems of sellers, a company must globally address the problems. Most organizations, faced with low or declining orders from their sales teams, are looking for quick solutions by placing vendors in a rigorous sales training program, usually structured by personal sales skills. Problems with the sales management process and sales manager skills are primarily addressed. In some programs sales, managers are present as observers.
Let’s look at the sales management process and the roles that a sales manager must play.
If you ask a sales manager what you manage, he or she will probably say “my sales team,” which of course is true. But is it true? The management of the sales team allows the sales manager to achieve the goal; Or, to say it differently, should only vendors be driven to achieve results? You can say that a staff officer posts results through his staff, but it only works if the manager and his staff know what they are trying to manage.
If you ask the same question to a production manager in a factory, what are you going to do, then he will probably answer you with a statement like: “The production line We take the raw material on one side, and the products end up on the other It is my job to manage this process to ensure that we achieve the production goal with maximum efficiency and quality.”
Many production managers talk about managing a process where, like most sales managers, their job is to manage the sales team. In other words, people seem to focus on people management, others on the processor task


So, where does this leave you? Obviously, there is no silver bullet regarding marketing and sales, or else everyone would be doing it. But, whatever strategy one employs it is clear that there are going to be some core basics and some of the most important of these are outlined above. For an interesting online discussion on the different sales models construction companies can use visit this thread. For a summary of the thread pulled together by David Muniz

Make More Money With These Sales Training Topics

When it comes to high-quality sales training topics there is an unlimited amount of topics you can work off of, It really depends on how creative you can get. It is best to always have new ideas and keep things fresh. Be open to learning from others. You also need to come to the understanding that not even the brightest minds can learn everything especially learn everything all at once. So when picking a topic to teach stay with one fundamental concept at a timebuilding rapport

1. Building Rapport and Developing Relationships

There are two quotes that I am reminded of when it comes to this topic. The first is an old quote that vets in the business probably have heard but “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” which basically means people don’t want to hear you talking but people would rather you listen to them.

This next quote sums up sales in one sentence but “People buy from people they like, and people like people like themselves”. In breaking down this quote I take it as to get someone to buy from you, it is first better to get them to like you.
So how do we get people to like us? That is where Dale Carnegie’s book “How To Win Friends and Influence People” comes in great use. This book is a timeless classic that was published in 1936 and it still is relevant today.

As a side note, people skills is one of the most important skills for anyone in any field of work. It is said that those that have people skills will generally make a higher income than someone else in the same line of work lacking people skills

In the book How To Win Friends and Influence People, there are 6 key points that I want to focus on

a. You have to honestly be interested in others

b. Always be smiling. Remember attitudes are contiguous

c. Whoever you are trying to get to know you should take note and remember their name. Most people love the sound of their name. When people hear their name it is like music to there ears.

d. There is a reason why we have 2 ears and 1 mouth. We should be listening twice as much as we are talking

e. Always talk about what they are interested in not what you are interested in

f. Mary Kay Ash has a quote that says “Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, ‘Make me feel important.’ Not only will you succeed in sales, but you will also succeed in life.” That is how exactly how you should make people feel. product knowledge

2. Product Knowledge

It should be obvious but all sales reps need to know what they are selling. What would be better than just having product knowledge? If at all possible your sales rep should have the product that they are selling. If is possible for sales reps to possess the product that would surely mean they are sold on it already. If a sales rep is sold on it they will be more inclined to speak passionately about the product, therefore, transferring that emotion to the customer will more than likely lead to a sale. Since a sale can be described as a transfer of emotion. “If I can get you to feel the way I feel about the product then, of course, you will buy the product”

a. Features Vs. Benefits

They say features tell and benefits sell. What that means is that features are the bare facts about the product but people buy benefits. How does that feature benefit the customer? That benefit will be the reason for the customer to make a decision It is extremely important to express yourself with enthusiasm or passion when presenting benefits to the customer. If you are excited about the benefits the customer will be excited about it. Make more money using these sales training topics

b. Pricing and Promos

Being well versed on your products pricing and promos enable you to be creative when dealing with objections about competitors or shop savvy customers. Generally speaking, you should be able to beat any other deal that is in direct competition with you either structuring a package where the customer gets more bang for their buck if you can’t beat their pricing using your promo which you use as a wild card play at the end.

There are various ways to sell when it comes to pricing but you never necessarily want to win the customer over on price. A solid sale will have to be the customer buying based on the features and benefits of the product. If you are winning over a customer from a competitor based on price and if the customer is smart enough the customer can just as easily call the competitor and say “hey this is what ABC company is offering me to go with them, what can you do so I stay with your company” and generally speaking the competitor will give them a better deal. money

There are effective ways to work with pricing in your benefit. There is a technique called Top-Down Selling that was a close that I used many times. With this technique, you must have a good grasp on your pricing and promos. In essence, you start out with your biggest offer. You know the package that comes with all the bells and whistles. Usually, it will be your most expensive product with all the extra features. Now when a customer asks for some pricing. You just list out all the features. Makes sure that you go over every detail so when you come to the price you exciting say they will be getting all that for blank blank dollars.

Expensive is subjective what you might think is expensive others might think its a good deal. SO never assume what your customer thinks of as expensive. Now once you listed all the features an then gave them the price. Once in a while, you might get a “wow I get all that for that” “where do I sign up.” but a majority of the time you will get a customer wanting to haggle a good deal. So they will respond with oh that’s a lot or maybe “ABC company is giving all this for this”

Since you started out with the highest priced package you can remove a couple of features or lower the package which will lead to a lower price. Now you might repeat that scenario with the customer a couple times to where you are given a smaller package that the customer feels comfortable with and the feel as they fought for a deal. That makes them feel good about something maybe to brag about to friends and family.competition

c. Competition

Competition research can sometimes be neglected but this knowledge will help you know the facts. If a customer is saying a lot of positive things about your competitor but maybe the exaggerate but you are equipped with the knowledge to know what is a fact and what is not. This knowledge will help you in giving a professional recommendation that fits your customers’ needs especially when you are winning over the customer from a competitor.

3. Overcoming Objections

a. Brian Tracy says that whatever product you are selling there are 6 common objections. So in essence what my 6 objections I had faced might be similar but might not be the exact same. So whatever your 6 common objections for your business is you must figure those out and develop a script to overcome those objections.

There are various techniques that you can use to overcome an objection. One way is to turn the objection into a question. For instance, if you are constantly hearing “you guys are just too expensive” you can turn that into the customer as saying “can you show me how can this be affordable for me?”

When writing a script and the customer says “We looked into it before and it was too expensive” Your response would be “I definitely understand your concern and we have found many customers had the same concern.” “So what we have done is ___________(The rest of script will say whatever creative package, pricing or promo you have to offer)

b. smoke screen objections are generally objection that customer say but it is not a valid reason not to buy. This would be similar to a clothing store associate tries to be helpful to a customer when they ask a customer “Hi, may I help you” and the most common response is “Oh no thank you, I am just looking” So that is not a real reason not to by and is called a smoke screen objection. You have to get around the smoke to uncover the real concerns of customers.

c. Valid objection is real reasons a customer can’t buy. An example would be you can’t sell an amputee with both legs gone any shoes or you can’t sell home insurance to someone who doesn’t own a home. Those are valid reason’s and those non-customers need to be vetted as soon as possible so you don’t waste any time with them.make money

4. Role Playing

This sales training topic should be run frequently with top producing reps leading by example. Role play scenarios of common customer objection and your script that is used to overcome objections. Top reps should be role-playing their best practices. This kind of training is behind the concept of if you copy exactly what successful people do you will soon obtain the exact same results.

This is also a perfect time to review and optimize sales scripts. Work on practicing sales scripts until they are fine-tuned and when being applied they sound natural and not as you got it out of a script.

5. Conclusion: Sales Training Topics that Make Money

After writing this I have come to the conclusion that there so many topics. This article does not do any justice to all the different topics that you can use. I will have to make a part 2 and maybe even a part 3. When I was writing this I just keep on bouncing ideas old ideas and new ideas that would fit well here. I have so many notes and I could keep writing on and on but I wanted to wrap it up to get a few ideas out and I will do the second part in the future.

Let me know what sales topics you would have that have made you more money in the past.

The Most Powerful Door to Door Sales Training That will Improve Results (Management Edition)

This is a management level overview of a strategic plan for an effective door 2 door sales training. These are valid key points that if are implemented correctly can improve a door to door sales organization. Remember if you fail to plan ahead then you are just planning to fail.

Door to door sales training

1. Recruiting: The lifeblood of any sales team

It is commonly debated if you should focus on quality or quantity when recruiting new sales reps. I come to realize the only way to get quality reps is go through the huge quantity of prospects. Ideally, you should be recruiting every day everywhere you go. Whether you are recruiting the waiter that is serving you at a restaurant or the sales associate at you local clothing store. You should not have to go anywhere to recruit you should recruit everywhere you go. But the most effective sales teams are the sales teams that have each sales rep personally recruit also. You should be having recruits waiting on standby for an open sales position. When you have a full sales force and recruits on standby waiting for a position definitely keeps a sales force accountable.

a. Ads, Job Fairs, and Personal Recruiting

Depending on if you have a budget to place job ads and go to job fairs this can be a great resource for recruits but this should be looked at as supplemental to your personal recruiting efforts. Your main focus should always be personal recruiting from you and your team.
When placing ads make sure your ad looks the most professional compared to all other job posts. You want to stand out with your professionalism and should attract a higher caliber candidate. It should be known but I will say it anyway. Do not exaggerate or lie. I would even suggest to under promise so you can over deliver.
You should prepare a preplanned script for the job post, a script for answering ad calls and a script for meeting prospects in a job fair. The objective of each script should be focused on getting the prospect in the office for a face to face interview.


b. Interviews

It is said that you should hire slow and fire fast. I take from that is that you should give the perception that you are providing an awesome opportunity. An opportunity like no other that people are lucky to get. You should never present your opportunity like you are just hiring everyone because your prospect will not take it seriously and will not be grateful. So, in turn, will not put in their best effort.
First impressions are a big deal so if you have one on one interviews make sure to be prepared with interview questions and an idea of what type of person that will fit well within your sales team. Always be honest about expectations and like I previously stated it is best to under promise and over deliver.

c. Group Interviews

Like I said, in the beginning, you will need to go through a huge quantity to find the quality. So if your office setting permits it would be best to hold group interviews and I have done group interviews from 40-50 people in a room for about an hour session of explaining the opportunity. Group interviews can be a fantastic way to fill any personal gaps quickly. So you should keep this tool in your arsenal and used accordingly.


2. Sales Expectations, Attendance, and Goals

This can be a difficult subject for leadership since you always want your team to reach their highest potential. So if you give them a sales target but they, in fact, can do more. They will tend to hit that target and stop right there. So in my experience, it is always crucial to base your sales teams expectations on the activity because if they are doing the right activities this will lead to the highest amount of sales they can achieve. So from the beginning in your door to door sales training, you must make it clear your expectations on how many doors they must knock, how many presentations this should lead to and ideally how many sales they can receive. So the expectations should revolve around the activity of doors knocked and presentations they are getting to do.
I think it is important with today’s generation, the so-called millennials, that you are clear about the expectation you have for your team. Get into the basics with dress code attendance and activity. Millennials need clear direction and someone that keeps them accountable. They tend to feel more engaged when you keep them accountable.

sales tree
You want to get sales reps to figure out their goals. Why are they working in the sales industry? What do they expect to accomplish? What are the long term and short term goals? You should help devise a plan of action to help them achieve these goals. When you show a personal interest of your sales reps can be the difference in having a long-term rep that sticks it out from all the peaks and valleys or a rep that leaves to another job after all the time and effort you have put into them.
I would always try and stay away from goals that include a dollar figure. Although money motivation is a positive thing you don’t want the reps solely motivated based on money because that rep can tend to have a mindset of a “do whatever it takes” to achieve these monetary goals. You do not want to develop a rep that will compromise their integrity for these monetary goals.
Lastly in this section make sure you share company objectives, team goals. Everyone needs a vision that they feel that they are working together as a team to accomplish. This should bring team synergy with a clear target to hit together.

3. Sales Process and Strategy

All sales teams that produce at a high level have a sales process that is trainable, flexible and measurable. Measurable activities should be captured in real time and at the end of each shift. The sales process must be trainable to where you are having newly hired reps along with your veteran reps following your process and are able to record their data. The process should contain the plan of action on how to approach a neighborhood. How many doors and presentation they should be having. What is the plan to get as many presentations as possible? How many different reps will you have to meet a potential customer if the first rep to make contact does not close the sale.
Your sales process should include a generic script for new hires have something to work off. The script should be easy to learn and doesn’t sound scripted.
One of the best tools that sales teams take advantage of is a good CRM or Customer- Relationship Management system. CRMs can improve your customer relationships. This tool can help you manage your leads and areas you assign to work. CRMs can also be used as a way to help keep track of your teams recruiting efforts. The most valuable piece of any CRM is providing analytics of all the data your team captures. You can get a high-level view of your teams strengths and weaknesses.


4. New Hiring Door to Door Sales Training

How effective are you in your new hiring door to door sales training will determine how consistent your team is in the field. Fresh blood will help push your team and keep them out of the complacency trap. Your new hires should be well equipped before sending them out to the wolves/ communities. The should be equipped with product knowledge and a simple sales script. They should know pain points that influence customers to buy. They should know common objections and how to overcome these objections.
The key to your new hire success is going to be determined on how fast they experience small wins. So train them appropriately an push them hard to achieve those small wins.
Although small wins will most likely determine your new hires turn over rate this is one of those times where you under promise and over deliver. If they achieve more success than they thought they would achieve in the field will give your rep confidence and motivation.


5. Sales Rep Meetings and Training

Sales meetings and sales training can be combined together unless you need a huge focus on developing your teams’ sales skills. These meetings should be held frequently. Discussions can include industry updates. team updates and the most important part is to give some praise an recognition to new hires achieving their small wins and your reps for exceeding expectations.
This is also a great opportunity to have your top reps go over their best practices in the field that may be useful that your new hires hear. You can go over and train any techniques or any part of the sales process your team might need improvement.
Make sure meeting are fun and engaging but most important is that the meeting has value for everyone. One thing that any sales reps hate is wasting their time in a sales meeting that they get nothing out of it that benefits them.

6. Developing Leaders

In John C Maxwell’s book, 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership law #20 is the Law of explosive growth. If you want to experience long-term success and growth you must develop leaders and not followers. As Dr. Maxwell states you must have the mindset of wanting to be succeeded and not needed. With that mindset developing leaders will consist of spending 80% of your time with the top 20% of your team. Focus on your top leaders’ strengths. You can build off their strengths and this will overall ensure your teams’ long-term success. By focusing on multiplying your team not adding to your team you will experience explosive growth. You will eventually get tired of dealing with each individual sales rep personally so developing leaders around you can keep your sales team always on top of their game.


7. Motivation

A sales environment must always be fun, energetic and exciting. This type of environment helps keep sales reps in a positive attitude.
An exciting and energetic environment can definitely help with motivation but there are many ways to keep motivation fresh in your sales office.
Competition and other sales activities can motivate your reps to make as many sales as they possibly can. Prizes don’t necessarily have to be expensive because highly competitive people are motivated just to win and prize becomes secondary or just icing on the cake.
It is also a great idea to do team building activities that are outside the office. This just helps bring the team closer together. Teams that work together eat together play together stay together.

8. Last thought

If you would briefly take an overview of everything I have said would I like to say there are many pieces to having a successful sales force. There are many variables. It is subjective but I think it is almost impossible to do every single thing perfectly but you must be good at recruiting. Recruiting the right quality people will help fill the gaps in the areas you have weaknesses. Most successful leaders are not good at everything but they surround themselves with people that have the skills the might be lacking.

What type of recruit do you think most leaders look for?