10 Sales Rebuttals For The Dreadful Not Interested

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Sales Rebuttals for Not Interested

How many times in a full working sales day do you hear your prospect say to you “Not Interested”? I know from my experience on one of the lucky days I would hear it at least from every other prospect that I would approach. Have you ever had someone tell you “not interested’ and they had no idea what you were there for? You could have been there to hand them a 100 dollar bill and that is their first response. That actually gives you a clue about that phrase. It tells you that it is a natural response that customers say. It might have worked for them once so they keep using it. The reality is “Not interested” is not a legitimate reason not to buy. Where I come from we call this a smoke screen objection. It seems like customers are always trying to hide their real reason that is holding them back from getting sold. I feel like they think if a true professional gets a hold of their real reason to what is holding them back they know the real pro will just demolish their excuse for holding back. So, in essence, they hide it with smoke screen objections.
It is your job to get past the smoke screen objections and uncover the real objection that is holding them back. So I feel the best way to overcome these objections is with a preplanned rebuttal. The following rebuttals or if any that you have should be practiced until they flow out of your mouth naturally.
So when you get a prospect that says “I Am Not Interested”

Overcome Objections

Rebuttal Scripts

  1. The old feel, felt, found method
    Sales Rep: I completely understand how you feel Mr. Prospect, Many neighbors have felt the same way, but what we have found is after you neighbors finished talking with us they would be able to enjoy and benefit with what we are offering (Then just get right back into your pitch)
  2. Exact Attack
    Sales Rep: That is exactly why I am here. (Tap your chest twice while saying “My name is __” “and while reaching out to shake their hand you say “And your name is?”
  3. Yes Momentum
    (I use this when I sold cable services just replace my product and fit your product in the rebuttal)
    Sales Rep: Of course not but you guys watch TV in your home right?
    Prospect: Well yes
    Sales Rep: Great! and you guys use the internet, right?
    Prospect: Yes
    Sales rep: Awesome
  4. Relate To Me
    Sales Rep: Trust me I know how you feel and I said the same thing before but when I looked into this is what I found….
  5. Alternate Choice
    (Replace my 2 products with your 2 products)
    Sales Rep: Of course not but let me ask you something “do you enjoy watching TV more in your household or do use the internet more in the house?”
  6. Why am I here
    Sales Rep: Oh yeah, I understand but wait until you find out exactly why I am here. So my name is _ and the get into your pitch.
  7. I know
    Sales Rep: I know that sir, I mean seriously if you were you would be blowing up my phone like the rest of your neighbors have. So let me show you why my phone is ringing non-stop
  8. Decision Maker
    Sales Rep: Oh I am sorry sir I just assumed you were the one that watches and paid for the TV service here, Is that that person available?
    Prospect: No no that is ah…what is this about?
    Sales Rep: Okay great you are the person I have to speak to. My name is __(get into your pitch)
  9. Before I Go
    Sales Rep: Great, but before I leave let me ask you a couple of questions. So my name is___ and yours? Prospect: Mr. ______
    Sales Rep: Great Mr. ______and you use (list a feature of your product) right?
    Prospect: Well Yes
    Sales Rep: Awesome that is why I am here
  10. In sync
    Sales Rep: Wow, you must be in sync with your neighbor. They said the exact same thing before they decided to get this from me. Let me explain why…..

You can use whatever mini script that works for you. These have all worked for me in one way or another. Pick the ones that you feel comfortable with and make sure it is compatible with whatever product that you are selling. When overcoming this objection you should never make it a confrontation or an argument. You are merely trying to get around this smoke screen objection so you can get your pitch off and hope to entice the customer and peak their interest.

Overcoming Objections

So if you realize with this objection it is not a real or legit reason not to buy. These are more of reflex responses that customers say. If you hear a customer recite a rebuttal fluently then that must mean the customer has used this often. Meaning you are not the first rep they have seen. That is just something to keep in mind. When you hear the objection your objective is to get right past this initial buyers resistance and get your presentation started. Attack or overcome any objection that is directed torward you. Most things they say are smoke screen objections. You want to uncover the real objection that is holding them back. Sometimes people are embarrassed to say I can’t afford it and that is what is holding them back. So you want to address that real objection and figure out a creative solution.
Generally speaking, there are going to be six common smoke screen objections. You want to build a preplanned script since these six objections will be smoke screens that you should be prepared for. It is like Wayne Gretzky says “You miss 100% of the shots you never take” So the point is you might not overcome all of the smoke screen objection but you will overcome some of them and you will over more than not trying at all.



Mastering the way to overcome “the objection” part of the sales process will increase your closed sales. Which should mean increasing your closing percentage which will lead to giving yourself a raise. Also, there will be objections throughout your sales career so these will not go away but if you master this part, it will be almost impossible to fail in your sales career. It is actually said there is no sale made without overcoming objections. Meaning objections are involved in every sale you make. In the future will also provide preplanned scripts for various other objections. So what objections that you are constantly trying to overcome? Please comment below and let me know.

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