Unbelievable But Simple Marketing and Collateral Strategies

I was thinking about how I was effective in using collateral to help promote sales. I understand for most sales reps they generally have to pay for these things. Those that don’t pay for this material should take advantage and be grateful. For those that have to pay for this material, I understand printing from home can be expensive purchasing ink and quality paper. If you don’t have a design and don’t have the artistic skills to make a digital copy can also add an extra cost. It is generally more cost effective to have your collateral printed at your local print shop.

Marketing Collateral Strategy

Mailers, Magnets, and Calendars

This first simple tip is something I used when I first started my sales career in Real Estate. You can use this if your marketing consists of sending out mailers frequently. The idea is to develop a database of contacts. The best way to start is to get all your friends and family members address and email address. I would assume you already have their cell phone number. Once you at least have 100 contacts in your database I would send them a flyer with local property listings. The flyer should include your contact info. A magnet calendar would be great if you are in the end of the year or the first month of the year. The idea is that they see your info and are reminded whenever anything related to your business comes up. The idea is for them to either use you for business or at least refer you to someone who might need your services. A magnet that they can put on their refrigerator or possibly a key chain with your info if they will use it. This will give you more bang for your buck instead of a flyer or brochure that most likely will get through away in the trash.

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Door Hangers

Door hangers are most effective for those that canvass or knock doors. If you are going to use door hangers you should have at least 100 door hangers with you to be effective. 100 should be enough if you are putting them on each door at the same time of selling. If you are just placing door hangers then you will probably need more.
The most effective way to use door hangers is to place them while you knocking doors with intentions of selling or acquiring leads. I find it best to use door hangers as markers. So if you knock on a door and there is no answer then you place a door hanger. If you knock a door and are able to pitch the resident then you most likely won’t have to leave one. Ideally when door knocking it is a best practice to go around at least three times to increase your contact percentage. Now on your 2nd or 3rd time around if you notice that a door hanger has been removed from where you placed one, this is a sign that the resident probably came home and you will have an opportunity to pitch that resident. Use the door hanger as a marker so you won’t waste time knocking on doors where no one is home. Door hangers are also a good conversation piece

Event Marketing

Collateral for events

When you have events, fairs, or just a random booth somewhere you should have your regular flyers and brochures but a good practice is to get some type of trinkets that maybe a child can play with. This is important because if your customer is parent these trinkets can keep the child occupied. These trinkets can also draw children to your set up which in turn will draw in your potential new customer. Some ideas I have used in the past are little stress balls that children can throw around and enjoy themselves. This just gives you an opportunity to pitch your customer without distractions. Another idea is having a color book or color pages with crayons which is always a hit with families.


Business Cards

Probably the one piece of marketing that every salesperson needs. Business cards give you credibility plus a personal advertisement. When I was working in Real Estate I would have a profile picture of myself. I would also have my traditional contact information but now I see a lot of people placing QR codes where someone with a smartphone can just scan your content information. This works efficient and easy for someone to contact you a little easier. Since they will not have to dial your number the just scan the QR code and call. Generally speaking, the more quality of the business card that you have the less likely someone will throw it away. If your business cards are poorly made with low-quality paper people tend to not pay attention to the card and it most likely will end up in the trash. So put a little money into your business cards. I would stay away from getting to outrageous but keep it very professional.

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Conclusion: Marketing Collateral Strategy

I listed a few best practices that will help you be more effective with your marketing collateral. Keep in my you have to be consistent you to have success. If you use your collateral correctly it will help you save money if you are paying for collateral yourself. If you use your material effectively this can lead you to more customers for your business.You can get the most bang for your buck with the strategies that I have listed. I will be having a tool that you can design your marketing material up in the next few days. You can be on the lookout for this tool via my site. I am going to try and provide as much of this tool free for everyone. I am looking at a tool that you can design flyers, brochures, trinkets, and possibly business cards. Is there anything that you have used to make your collateral more effective?