Assumptive Closes: How To Assume The Sale

The Assumptive close is a way of structuring everything you do and say as if your customer has made the decision to buy from you already. This technique is a way to ease the pressure off the buyer and lowering buyers resistance. When a salesperson masters this technique it will be natural and used in every conversation besides sales conversations. It is positive thinking in its real form. This is a technique that you can actually watch as the outcome manifest in front of you.

Assumptive Closes

It Is A Mindset, A Way Of Life

I was once told when you assume something you make an “ass” out of “u” and “me”. In sales, it is really the opposite since by assuming the sale you are manifesting it into reality. You put the idea into your customer’s minds like they are already enjoying your service or product without having to deal with any buyer anxiety. You act like it is done and it will be done. Positive thinking is a mindset that most sales reps cannot be without. Assume everything like it is said and done.
Do you know when martial artist break blocks of ice or wooden planks with their fist they picture their fist breaking the barrier before they actually do it? Well, this is the same thing the difference is if you fail you won’t be walking away with a broken hand. So picture as if your customer has already bought from you.

Speak It Onto Existence

When you notice your customer is genuinely interested in what you offer. You want to ease their minds as if they are enjoying your product or service. Or have them think of what you offer as a status symbol that they are showing off to the neighbors, friends or family. This embeds ownership of your product like it is theirs all ready to enjoy. You are tapping into the pleasure endorphins of owning what you are offering. Always ask how are you going to feel if …. Never say what do you think it is going to be like… Salespeople sell on emotion so ask “how will you feel?”

Pen and paper

Pen and Paper Method

The pen and paper close is another form of an Assumptive close. This can also be referred to “The Order Form Close” If you are using order forms to take a sales order. Whip out an order form and write the customers name on top big and bold. If they interject and say “wait wait I have not decided to get anything yet.” Then you just casually say Mr. or Mrs. prospect don’t worry about this I want to make sure I get everything down, I have a horrible memory and I just want to make sure I don’t forget every detail you need. When we are done, I will just tear this up and toss it away when I am done. So as you are going with your pitch you are checking off boxes writing out details as if you are taking the order. Have them point out to which box if possible by saying “was it this one or that one you wanted?” Then they are starting to take ownership with your order form easing any buyer anxiety. Then you go into your assumptive talking having them agree to their availability with dates and times. Then say great sounds like we have everything as you specified and to move forward I just need your name written by this X. Pass them the pen and paper. Then use the art of the silence close. Don’t say anything. Whoever speaks first loses. If they sign then great. Or if you like you can ask them by looking into their eye “so what is the spelling of your last name or what is your billing address?” once you completed your question break eye contact like you are about to start writing. This puts the prospect in an awkward position by feeling like they have to give you the info requested. Once they give it to you then that is the sign that they are wanting to move forward with you.


It Is Art More Than Science

It is always helpful to close when you assume the sale. Make sure you are using this technique casually like it is normal. No one likes a scripted sales style that makes you look fake and unprofessional. The best salespeople are always casually assuming the sale. if it is not natural the customer can perceive this as pushy or not being sensitive to their needs. Learn how to be reactive to the customer’s body language. Their body language can tell you everything they are thinking without saying a word to you. When a customer feels comfortable with you they will let you led them in any direction you want to take the sale. That truly means they trust you.
On the other hand, if they seem argumentative or closed then you have not won their trust. They might answer every question short without details. They might have their arms closed like they are saying this is where its stop you are not coming closer.

Conclusion: Assumptive Closes

This close is a must have for all salespeople to have in their arsenal. Without it can cause some sales to slide right past you. It is key to have a few different closes that you have mastered since every prospect is not all the same. Every sales call is not the same. Learn how to adapt to different types of people. learn how to adjust to different environments. Zig Ziglar once said “You can’t sell everyone unless you are a con artist” but what we can do is learn many techniques and equip ourselves so we can close as many sales call as possible.

keys to success

Key Points

  1. Assume the sales as if they had bought from you before
  2. Speak with assumptive language
  3. Use the paper and pen close
  4. Pay attention to body language
  5. Assume the sale use the silence close
  6. Ask for their spelling in their name and break eye contact