Have You Ever Wished You Knew All The Telemarketing Secrets?

Telemarketing secrets sometimes might seem to be hidden from everyone. What I mean is sometimes you see others being successful in telemarketing sales while others may not be in on the secrets to be successful. Well, let me let you in on the secrets you may not have heard of.

Telemarketing secrets

Develop A Script

You should always have a script. Decide what is your goal? what do you plan to achieve when making you call? If your objective is to get an appointment then script your call to get that appointment. If your objective is to get a sale via the telephone then focus your script around getting the sale. Let’s break this down for getting a sale via the phone. This is an outline for your script

  1. Introduction should have a polite greeting. I recommend never to ask “How are you doing?” Or if you use that phrase or something similar don’t wait for an answer because asking that question can lead to a negative response.
  2. The next part should contain who are you? and who are you with?
  3. This should be why are you calling? also with a hook to break pre-occupation for example ….I am not calling to waste your time so I won’t take to much of it. All I want to do show you how many homeowners just like you have been able to reduce their monthly mortgage by 20%. I am not going to try to sell you anything you make the decision and you tell me which one of these packages would work best for your situation. Okay, fair?
  4. Pre-planned close should be prepared and said once you have laid out the entire presentation
    Never make any calls without a script. A script is there to keep you on track since in real life situations there are always distractions. A script will keep you on topic and in place whenever a distraction occurs. Generally, a script will lead to common objections and if you receive the same type of objections you can learn how to overcome them quicker

What Gets Measured Gets Improved


Write down your goals to work off. For example, if you plan on working 8 hours. How many calls are you going to do within each hour? if you do 20 calls in an hour that means you will do 160 calls in a day. How many sales do you plan to make? What are the averages for your business? Whatever your numbers stick to those numbers. If your goal is to make 160 in a day, plan to do whatever it takes to hit that number. If you average 6 closes per 160 calls you can estimate your commissions and have a clear idea what your income will be. Once you start getting solid data on your activity to figure out the hours that you are most productive. Put most of your effort during those hours. If you come to find out there is a particular hour that you don’t have any production you might want to adjust your schedule but moving that work hour to another hour that you have might have better results. So, in essence, you want to maximize your efforts to work the most productive hours.

Stay Positive and Focused


Every day might not be good but there is something good in every day. Stay positive and focused on your goals is key to being successful in this business. The only time when people fail is when they quit. If you don’t quit then you don’t fail. If you get a couple hours of consistent “No’s” don’t take it personally. Play the averages. If you flip a coin the law of averages states you will flip heads 50% of the time and tails 50% of the time. Sometimes you might get tails for 50 straight flips. The Law of averages will sooner or later come into play and you might flip the next 50 times heads. So if you are doing all the right things you are bound to get some “Yes’s” back to back sooner or later. It is true when they say every “No” you get makes you closer to getting a “Yes”.
Speak positive and proclaim positive affirmations. It might sound funny but speak out loud and tell yourself ” I like myself” “I like Myself”. That will have a positive effect on yourself. Also, tell yourself “I am good at what I do” many times and eventually your subconscious will listen to you and put you I the direct path to really be good at what you do. Your subconscious will not let you lie to yourself.

Stay Consistent

Stay focused

You are either consistent or non-existent. The only way people master anything they do is by doing what you do over and over again. Reflecting on what you say and do for each call. Look for areas of opportunity for improvement. maybe there is a word you can change or maybe eliminate. Or maybe you need to adjust your rebuttal to an objection that you can not overcome. Being consistent will help you recognize these little details that you might need to adjust. Consistency will eventually lead to reaping all the benefits you sow. All the effort you put in you will eventually benefit from it.

Sales Secrets In Conclusion

These are some secrets that many successful people in telemarketing might be reluctant to let you in on. If you take advantage of these secrets I let you in on and if you do all the right things you will get the right results. Hard work and determination is not really that big of a secret but the people who actually implement these tips don’t like to let people in on what exactly they are doing. They generally want you to figure it out on your own. So take advantage of these. Let me know if you have any telemarketing secrets that you would like to share.